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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all Conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Pre-Conference workshop
Science ♥ society
Raphael ChanayUwe MoldrzykThomas B BergAnnemarie van EekerenPaolo LegatoCaroline BreunesseAnders Drud JordanHenrik SellLinda GalléBasil ThüringPierre Coulon

Natural history museums play an important role in bridging communication gaps between science, society and politics. In times of growing urgency we have to act against a variety of environmental issues such as climate change and loss of...

Project showcase
Cristina PacaAnna RiethusTanja AdnađevićDobrivoje Lale EricHolger SeifertSümeyye Ceylan

Could an object describe your entire project?

The courageous speakers of this session took on this challenge and will be telling you about their projects in an original and jargon-free style.

Expect a 2-minute story for each project...

Exchange Forum
Science ♥ society
Linda GalléWiebke RössigIris OttAlex Fairhead

How should spaces for interaction and open science be designed in order to welcome, encourage and engage visitors? Many major museums across Europe are undergoing major rebuilding processes in order to create spaces for communication, interaction...

Presentations and round table
Science ♥ society
Carlos Catalao AlvesFederica RosettaYlann SchemmErrin RileyGiselle Cory

With the media emphasising the promise of big data and AI in predicting everything and deriving groundbreaking insights, the public is facing a surge of hard-to-grasp claims. Public interest in sound science and evidence needs to be supported by...

Out and about
Science ♥ society
Magne HognestadMarco MirandaJørn HafverKim Ludwig-PetschMarta Fikus-KrynskaFredrik Motland KirkemoHenrik Helsgaun

Picture the scene: In 15 minutes, our speakers set up a pop-up science centre in a local cafe, armed with only the items they have in their pockets and backpacks!

The introduction will begin at the conference centre and then participants...

Science ♥ society
Nicolas Nova

The Kavli Foundation keynote lecture

Nicolas Nova is a multidisciplinary researcher working at the intersection of...

Strategy & vision
Steven SchaekenJustin DillonGillian ThomasVicky CaveJuanita Schläpfer-Miller

The challenges we’re facing in the Anthropocene can be overwhelming but look at it this way: we are alive, flooding is not a constant issue (yet) and the next generation are ingenious, creative, loaded-with-21st-century-skills kids - they can fix...

Science ♥ society
Maria ZоlоtоnоsаWiktor GajewskiAnna StarkeyFrank KupperCarmen Fenollosa

XXI century skills, co-creation, science communication… there are certain terms, concepts and buzzwords in science engagement vocabulary that are repeated in all aspects of our world. Are you tired of this jargon? You are not alone! Our speakers...

Pre-Conference workshop
Science ♥ society
Ana NoronhaMarc MoutinMaria Menendez

In a time when science engagement organisations and professionals are increasingly called upon to foster more sustainable futures, what role can Space play? We are inviting all interested parties to come and explore this theme during a two-day...

Mark WinterbottomMaria XanthoudakiInka de PijperGrace D'ArcyMathieu Mahve-Beydokhti

Tinkering has the potential to strengthen engagement with STEM. Furthermore, research has found that tinkering could be particularly beneficial for students facing social, economic or cultural disadvantage. Museums across Europe have been...

Science ♥ society
Anne PrugnonMark ReadPascal GoblotStefan FahrngruberJörg Ehtreiber

How to predict, imagine and communicate what the future of our planet or society might look like to our audience? How can we use science to explore uncharted territories without falling into the issue of being too kitsch, too doom and gloom, too...

Pre-Conference workshop

All detailed information about this workshop can be found here.