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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all Conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Maria ZоlоtоnоsаEva DurallMairéad HurleyGène BertrandCarmen FenollosaMatteo MerzagoraWill Hunter

Travel grants available!

Are you convinced about the benefits of co-design but too afraid to let go? We hear you!

That is why we are inviting...

Sebastian MartinArmin DuffKatherine OzawaChristof BörnerCristina Riesen

How do we make computational thinking practices and concepts engaging and relevant? Making and tinkering skills are crucial for the next generation to succeed in a digital world; even a basic understanding of these concepts is important for...

Equity & Inclusion
Raphael DUPINVanessa MignanSebastian MartinMarion REALMarianne Pouget

Fablabs appeared over a decade ago, embodying for some, the potentialities of a new industrial revolution. Since then, these Fablabs have spread everywhere within the science engagement field. Surprisingly, these tools have emerged as a...

Science ♥ society
Marie Couëdic

How can misinformation be tackled and what can science engagement professionals do about it?

This workshop will focus on sharing outcomes and present a document and case studies for any science engagement professional who is developing or...

Enjoy traditional, Slovenian, gastronomic delights at the Conference's Gala Dinner, together with 1200 Conference participants. And expect a Kersnikova twist!

More about this event coming soon.

Exhibit development
Andrea VeldkampWouter VerbiestMaarten TaborskyAmparo Leyman PinoPaul OrselliAnna SchaefersMichael Feser

The idea-jam session lets you open your mind as far as possible and allows you to come up with wild concepts that challenge what we think is possible within the field of science engagement. The idea-jam session will reopen its doors this year for...

Science ♥ society
Audrey ChangSarah SeiterBrad MacDonaldMaren Krumdieck

How can we help individuals and communities articulate their values about data ethics and privacy and help them build basic skills for critical thinking, while seeing the beauty within it? Museums are uniquely positioned to help visitors think...

Explainers & visitor services
Martin KulhawczukDerek FishEva Hofstad HagenAnna GunnarssonPedro PomboHanne MadsenMarco MirandaKim Ludwig-PetschChiara TrevisinPeeranut KanhadilokRonen MirAlexey ZemkoNoel JacksonIan RussellKai Håkon SundeJutta SchlöglNelma Bossolan

Welcome to the Grand Bazaar. We're back with new, inspiring, mind bending and playful hands on activities and demonstrations. The Grand Bazaar is set up and run by enthusiastic experts who are ready to show you their practical ways in which to...

Equity & Inclusion
Vanessa MignanBarbara StreicherMaarten OkkersenAmparo Leyman PinoShaaron LevermentDavid Jones

Are you or your organisation experiencing challenges when it comes to diversity and inclusion? Are you aware that these are important systemic issues, yet are not sure where to start to dismantle unjust infrastructures to combat your institution’...

Sarai LenzbergerJörg EhtreiberMiha GolobAjda Rooss Saša Novak Uroš Korenčan

The educational role of theatre has been recognised since ancient times. Storytelling and drama provide the perfect framework and impetus for learning, as they offer an emotional connection to the topic on hand. This pre-conference workshop,...

Rannei Solbak SimonsenRyan JenkinsPeter Wardrip

What characterises a good maker teacher and how do you plan a good Makerspace activity? This session will dive into the teacher and facilitator role in a Makerspace. As a maker teacher the focus is to facilitate your learners so that they can be...

Strategy & vision
Christina RühlmannInes MontalvaoDaniel RosqvistJulia Ellrich

Virtuality has long since played a role in museums and science centres. The detachment from the physical location enables institutions to impart knowledge worldwide and at first glance this seems very inclusive; even those unable to visit can...