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Foresight: a practical introduction

Futures thinking - also known as foresight - is emerging as a novel approach to navigate complexity in decision-making and to enable the co-creation of innovative solutions and futures of societies. But how can futures thinking and foresight methods benefit science centres in their efforts to develop meaningful content related to current topics such as AI or climate change? The workshop will immerse you in interactive group experiences, showcasing how the principles of foresight can be embedded into science centre activities, such as exhibition design and learning programmes. The workshop will have four phases:

  1. Introduction to futures studies - an expert review of the futures studies as a scientific discipline and the practical methods of making professional foresight
  2. Presentation of two cases on developing future orientated science exhibitions. Each case presentation will be followed by a practical exercise.
  3. Presentation and exercise on forecasting / backcasting
  4. Results, discussion and reflection

A more detailed programme can be checked here.


Peter Bishop
Exec Director
Teach the Future
United States
Head of Exhibitions

Session speakers

Gabriele Zipf Futurium
Head of Exhibitions at Futurium
coming soon
Research Associate
coming soon