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What's new in touring exhibitions #2

The second of our touring exhibitions slots. A preview of current and upcoming touring science exhibitions across Europe and the world. This fast-paced session will give you a glimpse of a large range of exhibitions on offer, leaving it up to you to make contacts and find out more.


Audrey OConnel
Museum Consulting
Audrey O’Connell + Associates
United States

Session speakers

Driving Artist
Amazings bvba
Dirk Denoyelle will present you Climate change with LEGO bricks. Amazings and Dirk have been creating art and local exhibitions with LEGO bricks for almost 25 years. Softly pushed by his two engineer-daughters, Dirk decided to create a fun but also educational exhibit about climate change and sustainability with LEGO bricks to help raise awareness and engagement, sharing an optimistic viewpoint.
A 10 Minute Museum (10MM) - The Mathematics of Climate Crisis is a new format of a free-standing and mobile mini-museum to be presented in public spaces. Our first 10MM will focus on climate crisis science with a strong emphasis on mathematical modelling. We explain what climate models are, how they are built, and what they can tell us. We will cover mathematical models that predict climate change’s effects on plant and animal life and human activities. The 10MM is open source and features a diverse mix of exhibits (hands-on, interactive, software-based, 3d-printed, etc.).
World Touring Exhibitions - London UK, Rotterdam NL
World Touring Exhibitions
The Art of Interactive Digital is a brand new exhibition aiming to underline the power of digital art to be fun, creative and interactive. The exhibition features 20 digital scenes with themes like: oil painting, music walls, beach and sea of stars, angel wings, waterfall & flowers, lights, magic, twin scene, sea world, face changing, cartoons and many others. It is an exhibition suitable for families and public of all ages.
Operations Manager, International Sales
Science North
Sudbury, Ontario
The Science of Guinness World Records 6,000 sq ft (600 sq m) traveling exhibition makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to be a record breaker! The exhibition will engage visitors of all ages in real science experiences and record-breaking challenges. Visitors will learn about amazing record breakers and learn more about themselves. Beyond the challenges, visitors will be drawn in by inspirational stories, as well as intriguing artifacts that will be showcased throughout the exhibition.
Flying Fish Exhibits
Director of Sales
Flying Fish
United States
"James Cameron challenging the deep" is a major immersive exhibition that traces explorer and filmmaker James Cameron's merged creative and technical achievements in deep-ocean science, engineering and exploration, including his record-breaking dive to the bottom of the planet in his Deepsea Challenger submersible. The rich, digital, audio and visual experience also includes Cameron's rarely-seen personal artifacts, which showcase the creativity, science and technology behind his deep-sea exploration, feature and documentary filmmaking.
Exhibition Designer, Manager Travelling Exhibitions
Deutsches Museum
Coffee is one of the most traded commodities around the globe. Its growth, trade, refinement and consumption connect millions of people. Nearly all of us drink it daily, but we often know very little about this multifaceted and fascinating beverage. The traveling exhibition „Cosmos Coffee - form bean to cup“ offers an informative, sensual and entertaining experience for diverse target groups and embeds the individual enjoyment of coffee in a cosmos of dynamic interdependencies of biology, chemistry, technology, economy and cultural history. Its reference to common rituals and a large variety of communication tools makes the exhibition a unique attraction for visitors of all ages and backgrounds.
Exhibition Director of the Kotsanas Museum
Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology
Discover a selection of two exhibits of the Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology that operates in Greece (Athens, Ancient Olympia, Katakolon). In Archimedes' Eureka! learn more about Archimedes, one of the greatest inventors of all time, and figure out which of his inventions are still in use. The second exhibition that will be presented, The Hi-Tech inventions of the ancient Greeks - The origins of our modern technology, aims to demonstrate that the technology of the ancient Greeks, just before the end of the ancient world, was shockingly similar to the beginning of our modern-day technology.
Director and Driver
"Glockenspiel" is a new small interactive music exhibition dedicated to instruments were the material itself vibrates. It combines big hands-on sound sculptures, which invite to play or experience sound physics plus a workshop-collection of idiophones around the world and DIY-instrument building. Perfectly shaped to host one school class, groups up to 25 visitors or family audience for a maximum two hours.
Laurent Dondey
Business Development SENSORY ODYSSEY
With Sensory Odyssey: Through the Living World get inside giant immersive and wordless cinematic installations, where visitors make their way through eight ecosystems. Filmed in 4K and 8K resolution with a definition of up to 1000 images per second, Sensory Odyssey captures images and sensations from around the planet that are imbued with exacting realism. High-performance tracking technology, a precisely regulated olfactory diffusion system and 360° spatialized sound effects allow visitors to feel interconnected with the awe-inspiring world of living things . More than any other immersive experience, Sensory Odyssey is designed to offer a multi-sensory expedition-spectacle with proprietary contents, taking the visitor on a breath-taking journey like never before.
Director, Lascaux III project
Are you ready for the Lascaux 3D Experience? Based on the latest VR technology, this totally new version of the blockbuster Lascaux exhibition is presented under a flexible format allowing small and medium size science centres and museums to offer to their visitor a unique and exclusive chance to learn about the oldest master piece of art, at the dawn of human spirit, 20 000 years ago.
Travelling Exhibitions Coordinator
The End of our World? In 2019 the Natural History Museum of Toulouse had the pleasure of hosting for it last tour, “Extinctions”, an exhibition created by the Natural History Museum of London. In a desire to be more sustainable in our touring activities, it was decided by mutual agreement, that the NHMT would recycle the entire “Extinction” furniture and panels in order to create its own version of the project: an exhibition that would replace humans in the universe, by insisting on evolution, biodiversity and interdependencies. The purpose of the exhibition is to raise the public's awareness of the preservation of biodiversity through a chronological journey, divided into three independent "worlds", from the appearance of life on Earth, to mass extinctions, to the current biodiversity crisis. Without falling into catastrophism, the discourse will be positive and hopeful.
Senior Graphic Designer | Project Manager
Heureka's forthcoming exhibition, Facing Disaster, examines human resilience in the face of natural disasters. The narrative focuses on cooperation and trust, while more complex themes such as climate change and social inequality are touched indirectly. The experience combines interactive exhibits, immersive spaces and real life stories and artifacts that illustrate the human experience of living under the threat of immense natural forces. The exhibition aims to empower and encourage visitors to be active, give them hope in spite of adversities and remind them of the importance of being part of a community.
Dino Don, Inc.
United States
The Real Genghis Khan is a blockbuster exhibition featuring live musical performances, hundreds of rare Mongolian artifacts, role-playing interactives, videos, and elaborate sets. The theme is Genghis's neglected civilizing influence on European culture and technology. New to Europe after touring the U.S.'s largest museums, the exhibition fits venues of 700 to 1,200 square meters. Giant Dinosaurs is a record-setting interactive dinosaur exhibition - featuring accurate robots and cast dinosaur skeletons complemented by excavation and preparation activities, touch-fossils, and videos. From Hungary to Finland, the exhibition has broken all-time attendance records, at sizes from 700 to 2,000 sq. meters.