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Welcome to the Conference

Welcome to the 2021 Ecsite Online Conference! You’ll be warmly welcomed by Conference Hosts Brad Irwin (Head of Global Engagement at the Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom) and Dorothée Vatinel (Curator, Cité des sciences et de l'industrie, Universcience, Paris, France) as they guide you through what to expect over the next three days. They'll be joined by former Ecsite President Herbert Münder who will then pass over the floor to our newly-elected President, Bruno Maquart. Make sure you're here at the start of what will be a very special, memorable three days!

Session speakers

Herbert Muender
General Manager
Former Ecsite President Herbert Münder will welcome you all to this year's Conference, before handing over the floor to newly-elected Ecsite President Bruno Maquart.
Bruno Maquart, © Sandrine Expilly
Chairman and CEO
Ecsite President Bruno Maquart will warmly welcome you to the Ecsite 2021 Online Conference.