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RRI: new collaborations for science communicators and researchers

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The growing demand for understanding and implementing the concept of responsible research and innovation (RRI) in practice is inducing researchers and communicators to develop new forms of effective collaborations. Both are invited to imagine and design new opportunities to listen to and engage with a wide set of societal actors from schools to policy makers and citizens at large.

Which are the main obstacles and challenges of this effort jointly developed by research institutions and the science communication ecosystem? What have we learnt so far?

The session will provide examples taken form ongoing European funded projects such as PERFORM, NUCLEUS and other projects focusing on RRI from unusual perspectives such as performing arts and reserach communication ; research institutions management ; and traning opportunities for researchers who want to implement effective RRI strategies in their everyday activities.


Leonardo Alfonsi
Director at Psiquadro

Session speakers

science made simple
United Kingdom
As founder of one of the main science communication teams in Europe and an academic herself, Wendy will provide examples of challenges that professional communicators are facing to collaborate with academia to create effective formats to implement and share RRI values. She will co-present with Isabel Ruiz Mallen, coordinator of the Project PERFORM (www.perform-research.eu) at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and Oriol Marimon director of international project at Big Van Theory (bigvanscience.com/).
CEO city2science
city2science GmbH
Annette Klinkert is one of the key person of the NUCLEUS project (www.nucleus-project.eu). She will provide perspectives on the challenges of implementing RRI values in practice by encouraging institutional and cultural changes in scientific institutions. First NUCLEUS outcomes will be presented, showing ways to foster dynamic relations between universities, cities, civil society, economy, policy makers and communicators.
Ramón y Cajal Research Fellow
IN3-Open University of Catalonia (UOC)
Isabel Ruiz-Mallén is the project coordinator of PERFORM (www.perform-research.eu) at IN3-Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. She will present the challenges of the unusual combination of performing arts and science communication to convey RRI values
Management Director and Science Performer
Big Van, scientists on the road
Helena is a team member and founder of The Big Van Theory team of researchers who are using stand up comedy as a tool to engage with different audiences. She will provide some insights on the experiencese she is developing within the Perform Project with secondary school students, teachers and early career scientist to incorporate RRI Values in new kinds of performances.
Director - Department of Science - La Caixa Foundation
An overview of the outcomes of RRI Tools project and of the European efforts to implement RRI values will be provided to trigger questions and reflections on the future of the concept of Responsible Researchand and Innovation. What challenges have already been address to implement RRI values and what is the next frontier?