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Research and Civil Society: inspiration from Science Shops

The Science Shop movement has 40 years of experience in developing innovative and often experimental models to channel social demands into research topics. In various countries, Science Shops support socially innovative local communities to define and address societal challenges to improve public services and quality of life.

In this workshop we will explore how Science Shops work through a timeline card game. Participants will be invited to deliberate on the process of projects co-designed with Civil Society Organisations. We will also share the draft of new “2.0” Science Shop models developed through the EU-funded InSPIRES project, with 32+ ongoing initiatives. A new research panorama shows the evolution of ideas such as Responsible Research and Innovation, Open Science and 'impact agenda'. We argue that research needs to move towards working cooperatively with various societal actors through transdisciplinary and participatory action research.


Senior Research Fellow
InSPIRES Project - Communication
The Barcelona Institute of Global Health (ISGlobal)

Session speakers

Medical Doctor, PhD
The Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) - Hospital Clínic
As InSPIRES PI, María Jesús will explain how the project, building on the existing experience and knowledge, aims to review and push forward the Science Shop current models from a “glocal” perspective – I mean acting locally but thinking globally—through a culturally inclusive and socially responsible approach.
InSPIRES EU Project officer
Université de Lyon
As co-designer of the IsSPIRES Science Shop timeline card game, Shailaja will ask the participants to reflect on the different steps of a Science Shop (i.e. participatory methodologies for the implementation of the research, different dissemination formats to share results, etc.) The exchange will be around the field reality of different contexts and models of SS. The participants will get a copy of this game as a pedagogical tool that can be used for training with the different stakeholders.
Vrije Universiteit
As leader of one the InSPIRES theoretical workpackages, Prof. dr. Marjolein Zweekhorst is in charge of developing and piloting the implementation of new Science Shop models. Her team has closely monitored the different InSPIRES units and respective projects in all locations. They gathered additional valuable data that will be used to propose new pathways and options for a theoretical framework for Science Shops 2.0. In the workshop, this experience will be shared with the participants.
Professor Jorgensen
Associate profesor- Center for Design, Innovation and Sustainable Transitions - Department of Development and Planning, Aalborg University
ISGlobal / Gedime (UAB)
As co-constructor of the first Science Shop in Denmark, professor Jorgensen will open a bridge among the workshop proposals and the tradition and good practices of the Science Shop movement.