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Reimagining educational systems for the 21st century - Part 1

Covid-19 showed us that new models for education are not only possible, but can be enacted in a previously unimaginably short timeframe. The time is ripe for new, more equitable educational systems, in which multiple actors contribute to the provision of learning experiences, and learning in multiple settings could be recognised & accredited. If science engagement organisations are to hold new roles in reimagined educational systems, we, as a community, must interrogate possible futures to ensure we are ready to contribute meaningfully.

Speakers will share perspectives on the following: Why is there a need for systemic change in education? What are the big trends shaping education of the future? What might educational models of the future look like? How can we ensure that the future of learning is equitable and just? What is the role of informal STEM learning in education systems of the future? This in-depth session will first hear from experts in the field, and then transform into a future-oriented workshop with a focus on the role of non-formal/informal science.

This session is sponsored by ATELIER BRÜCKNER as a part of the 21st century skills conference track.


Marianne Achiam
Associate professor
Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen

Session speakers

founder, chair and creative director
Associate Professor
The University of Bologna