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Science Museum of Kyiv - Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

National Center “Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” (JASU) is a dominant governmental scientific and educational organization, working as an extracurricular center for middle and high school-aged students, and teachers.

National Center “Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” (JASU) operates the Science Museum of Kyiv.

In 2017 the status of the 2nd category Center of UNESCO was granted to JASU to establish new activities in a line with UN Sustainable Goals and development of science education in the world.

The Center was founded for the purpose of the spiritual, creative, and intellectual development of children of Ukraine, engaging school students to scientific and research, experimental, engineering, inventive and exploratory activities, the formation of intellectual potential of the nation, preparation of a future scientific generation.

The most important part of JASU activity is the Ukrainian Scientific Project Competition which unites 250,000 high school students. Annually, 2,000 of the best students run for first place at the Grand Final within 65 majors.

Over a period of 5 years of JASU international activity more than 60 delegations of Ukrainian students attended various scientific and educational events abroad and won more than 100 awards at the most prestigious science competitions such as Genius Olympiad, INTEL ISEF, Destination Imagination, ICYS, CASTIC, EXPOSCIEN MEXICO, EUCYS, I-FEST, AIGC, IJSO, MOSTRATEC, and many others. This year alone Ukrainian students won 51 awards, including 17 gold medals.

7 representatives of JASU are members of the international organizations and committees such as MILSET Europe, CERN, Belt and Road International Science Education Coordinating Committee, UNESCO Scientific Committee, and European Academy of Sciences and Arts.