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Partnerships for change

We talk and exchange a lot of ideas with our peers about programmes, interaction with the audience, etc. but despite having businesses to run, revenues to gain and business models to write, we don’t discuss the business behind the science engagement activities we organise. Working with partners is something a lot of us struggle with.

This session will share anecdotes and experiences we have in working with commercial partners as well as our challenges and difficulties. Presenters will briefly share their own experiences, followed by roundtable discussions in smaller groups. Participants are invited to share their experience and ask questions so that at the end of the session we will all have a catalogue of advice, expertise and recommendations to use in our organisations.


Session speakers

Partnerhip Creator
Currently, Technopolis is looking to reach teenagers together with relevant partners. Different projects are developed to serve this specific audience (14+): STEK a youth zone and a digital escape game that was develop together with IBM, but which will be enriched with an eco-system of partners. Examples will be shared but we will also indicate the difficulties we encounter e.g. How to integrate corporate partners within a government funded science center?
Victoria Thomson
Marketing Manager
Natural History Museum, London
At the Natural History Museum, London, we're on a mission to engage and involve the widest possible audience in what we do, but we can’t do it alone. I will take you through the highs and lows of our most ambitious partnership to date - an exhibition developed with two major partners for our site in London and a global tour - and how our shared values can work together to bring in new audiences, support revenue generation and make people think differently about the museum.
Developement Director
Partnership for change – should we work with projects or with a mission. Copernicus has been working with many partners for many years. We are trying to look for those who are the most engaged in the same topics as we are – science engagement, STEM education and the competences of the future. But every partner has their own specific needs – we are building a separate programme for every one of them. What if we change the perspective and start talking about supporting our vision and mission instead of a specific project? That is a change that Copernicus is struggling with at the moment and a topic for a wider discussion among ECSITE community. We would like to share and discuss possibilities and challenges in this area.
Senior producer: Public engagement and Learning
Imperial War Museum
Senior Producer: Public Engagement and Learning IWM To be confirmed
Hava Contini
Exhibition Content Developer
Science museums are always looking to expand their audiences. How can a science museum reach new audiences through a partnership that introduces a new perspective? What are the challenges in doing this? As part of the commemorations of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's death, MadaTech Science Museum, through a partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute successfully attracted new audiences. This collaboration included evening lectures by experts that focused on how science and art have been connected in human history. I will also discuss various challenges involved in implementing this partnership, such as convincing the museum staff that bringing in this new science and classical art perspective can bring profit to the museum.
Shamini Partnerships
Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications
Kuala Lumpur
The role of STEM education is critical in a nation that is actively pursuing the goal of establishing a scientifically literate and innovative society. Public and private organisations in the country share this vision and for many years have expanded their support and extended their participation in this ecosystem, where for many private organisations STEM related programs are considered more as sustainability related initiatives. In this context, Petrosains has been establishing firm partnerships with both public and private organizations on win-win collaborations through strategic initiatives in STEM activations. In this session, we will share the approaches to and outcomes of designing successful relationships with stakeholders through our role as a CSR vehicle anchored on STEM education, for a global corporate citizen.