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Once upon a session... - Part 2

Whether you did (or didn't) attend Part 1, welcome to this book-lovers session. A time to think about and share the best ways to mix books and science together. We'll sit together around a digital campfire (with virtual marshmallows, but REAL dragons) and listen to your projects.

How have you experienced book-related projects ? In what settings (street, library, classrooms, museums, festivals)? With what kind of partners (bookshops, libraries, cultural centres, editors)? How did you use the books (reading stories, helping the public to create a story, treasure hunts with the answers in books...)?

We want to hear your ideas. What kind of projects could you imagine where books could help you? Let's hack the codes of creative writing, reading, telling stories to mix up new formats and practices. Don't forget to bring along a book that you love, that has some science nuggets inside and that you already (or would like to) use in science dissemination. All you need is a story...


Head of Science/Culture Dpt

Session speakers

Science writer - New media manager
We use fiction to tackle scientific subjects and desecrate the act of writing. Inspired by the dynamics of makers, we work on books & stories in many digital & tangible ways. With our partners, we make our visitors write stories (first chapter of a sci-fi book, little collective stories in an exquisite corpse…), create transmedia universes & build tangible books with our Fab Lab’s machines. At last, we invite our visitors to promote science books on Youtube by making the videos themselves !
after using the characters of puppet dragons, bats and friends in stories for many years, we´re constantly exploring their possibilities to participate in different activities. This past year, the focus has been to make them become as digital as possible, visiting schools and pre-schools in new situations. This approach will be visible in the storyline based session where both physics and chemistry will be present. Be prepared to meet dragons and bats in completely new situations!