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Once upon a session... - Part 1

Once upon a time...

Embark on a trip through enchanted landscapes. During this journey, meet three speakers, hiding in the storyline of an interactive fairytale. They all share a passion: stories! Assuming that the human brain was shaped to tell stories efficiently, we explore both books and stories' powers, as reading and writing are two faces of the same coin.

We’ll share with you our experiences of using books to talk about science: by creating cartoon characters, designing creative writing workshops or using FabLabs to create books, exploring books from literature through scientific eyes.

All of this allows us to reach new audiences and find alternative partners (bookshops, authors, illustrators…) distant from the science field but very precious allies; libraries are a highly integrated cultural grid which work with a large diversity of the population.

...And they all lived happily ever after... (and shared many science secrets)!


Head of Public Engagement
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom

Session speakers

Science writer - New media manager
We use fiction to tackle scientific subjects and desecrate the act of writing. Inspired by the dynamics of makers, we work on books & stories in many digital & tangible ways. With our partners, we make our visitors write stories (first chapter of a sci-fi book, little collective stories in an exquisite corpse…), create transmedia universes & build tangible books with our Fab Lab’s machines. At last, we invite our visitors to promote science books on Youtube by making the videos themselves !
after using the characters of puppet dragons, bats and friends in stories for many years, we´re constantly exploring their possibilities to participate in different activities. This past year, the focus has been to make them become as digital as possible, visiting schools and pre-schools in new situations. This approach will be visible in the storyline based session where both physics and chemistry will be present. Be prepared to meet dragons and bats in completely new situations!
Head of Science/Culture Dpt
We developed 3 projects using books as ignition material for science dissemination.1- A periodic table of books (books from the literature talking about atoms as Thallium poisoning in an Agatha Christie's novel) ; 2- a cosy lecture spot with an ideal bookcase about the bear's imaginary included in an exhibit. 3- we are now focused on hunting insect and plant species in children's books to pinpoint "books species" at the right place on the tree of life