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The impossible science exhibition

The Irrational Funding Agency (www.irration.al) has agreed to provide unlimited resources to create the first science exhibition that’s absolutely free from budgetary or technological limitations. The agency provides each participant with an “impossible ingredient:” a pocket-size black hole, an infinitely long rope, or exhibition space in the Mariana Trench.

Participants will team up, combine their items and create an “impossible exhibit,” concisely described using 150 characters and one image. The exhibits will be discussed: Who is your target audience? What do you expect visitors to learn/experience? How can you make the exhibit accessible? The purpose of this format is to connect people, engage in collaborative creative thinking, share ideas of how /why science exhibits work, and find seeds for real exhibits.



Session speakers

Research Associate for Strategy and Content
Kathrin has been working on possible exhibits, exhibitions, workshops, co-creation formats for many years. This is her second time co-creating an impossible exhibition.
Creative Developer
Buenos Aires
Eric Londaits, exhibit and content developer at IMAGINARY (and a secret agent of the Irrational Funding Agency), was one of the creators of the “Impossible Math Exhibition,” a precursor to this workshop. He will be one of the activities’ orchestrators/conspirators and offer his irrational perspective in the evaluation phase of the workshop.
Wouter van der Zouwe - YIPP
Wouter will bring in his expertise in high-tech, modern, novel exhibit design and supports the participants in connecting and combining the impossible items to create impossible exhibits.