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Games prototyping workshop

Games can push the boundaries of identity and knowledge by providing a safe space to explore actions and consequences. By taking on personas, visualising large systems on their table top, or wrestling with complex decisions, participants can engage deeply with concepts that might otherwise be overwhelming or not of interest to them.

In this session, we will explore some of the many ways that games can change learning in science centres. Science communicators and educators from Italy, Sweden, Argentina, and the U.S. will coordinate break-out groups where they will briefly present a game they created before walking participants through their own game visualisation. Building off the facilitators’ examples, we will guide participants in conceptualising their own game through a rapid prototyping process. This session will empower science communicators to create and engage with games in new and creative ways.


Academic Researcher and Director of National Outreach Initiatives
Boston University
United States

Session speakers

Manager of National Outreach Initiatives
Boston University
Dr. Rodegher will lead the prototyping session and share an example of a successful game she created that has been played and adapted in science centres all over the world.
Education officer
Paolo will share an example of a game he created at MUSE, in Italy, called Extinction is Forever, to engage his audience around issues of sustainability and environmental decision-making.
Developer and teacher
Sara will share her experience creating VR experiences at her museum, Navet, in Sweden, and using VR as a way to engage with underrepresented communities in Indonesia.
Exhibit Developer
Centro Cultural de la Ciencia
Buenos Aires
Leo will share an educational escape room game he created at Centro Cultural de la Ciencia in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as well as broad insights from his experience and education in game design