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Gala Dinner & Show

A Copenhagen landmark, the Wallmans Circus Building has been a venue for popular entertainment for more than 100 years. The space was once home to elephants, seals and clowns and is now offering a dinner & show experience combining musical interpretations, dancing and acrobatics. The Conference's Gala Dinner will be held under the impressive dome of the Circus Hall, exclusively booked for Ecsite Conference attendees on that night. There will be short breaks in between each act, giving you time to enjoy each other’s company. The floor will be turned into a dance floor after dinner. 

Note: Please be punctual and arrive at 18.45 at the latest, as the show needs to start on time. 

Recommended dress code: your own interpretation of smart - if you like dressing up, this is your chance to show your glamorous self. As for all events, don’t forget to have your conference badge with you. Please be punctual, as the show needs to start on time. 


The Circus Building - here on Google maps

Jernbanegade 8

1608 Copenhagen

The Circus Building is a 5-minute walk away from the main Copenhagen Station and Vesterport Station. If you took the Metro, you will need to change at Nørreport and take the train to Copenhagen or Vesterport Station.

Or…. take the bike!