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To fight or not to fight: scientists as activists

The climate crisis, the coronavirus pandemic and the debate surrounding genetic engineering are just three current fields where scientific knowledge carries far-reaching political consequences, causing a predicament for scientists about their exact role in the debate. Should they remain neutral or take a stancel? Is their only communication task to provide information or do they have to become activists for a cause? And how can they communicate clearly about their roles? The answer – as is often the case in life – is not straightforward. Expectations from the public and policymakers differ, thus a debate with different stakeholders about the role scientists should play in public debates and in policy advice is needed. During the panel discussion we will discuss the opportunities and risks that arise when scientists become activists.

In this panel, Markus Weißkopf, managing director of Wissenschaft im Dialog and Rebecca Winkels, Director of Communications and Strategy, join.


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