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BIOTOPIA - Naturkundemuseum Bayern

Over the next few years, BIOTOPIA - Naturkundemuseum Bayern will be developed as a 21st century museum of life sciences and the environment under the leadership of its founding director, Professor Michael John Gorman in Munich, Germany. BIOTOPIA will take a bold new approach to engaging people with some of the most critical issues of our time. It aims to become a world-class destination for the understanding and appreciation of nature, the promotion of science communication and the dialogue between art and science. It will foster understanding of Bavarian and global biodiversity and encourage environmental stewardship. The museum will further support and coordinate a new Bavarian natural history network, with a focus on the biosciences and geosciences as well as the develoment of a nature-culture quarter at Schloss Nymphenburg where it is situated. During the current pre-opening phase, BIOTOPIA is already initiating its engagement with the public, with programmes, events and a yearly signature festival playing a key role. Beyond that, alternative venues will offer many exciting glimpses into the future museum.

Please find all relevant information about BIOTOPIA here: http://www.biotopia.net/images/download/161102_Biotopia_Vision_Doc_engl.pdf