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The explainer in me

Every day on our venues' floors explainers engage in a direct interaction with the public. But, frequently, our institutions include more “explainers” than we acknowledge: many professionals started their careers as explainers, and then moved on to being exhibit designers, programme developers and project managers, etc. Maybe some are now even working as marketing or human resources professionals. Do any traits of former explainers survive?

Much more than a nostalgic remembrance of participants’ past roles as explainers, this reverse session aims to explore the knowledge, skills and professional acumen developed by professionals when they were explainers - an experience they consider essential in their new capacities.

During the discussion we will explore the transferable competencies of explainers, and how training and practices of explainers are relevant and can be used by other professionals.

This session is organised by the Facilitation Group, the Ecsite thematic group dedicated to building a community for all staff who deliver learning experiences within a museum or science engagement organisation. The session is open to all - please take part!


Director of Scientific Mediation and Education

Session speakers

director of development
Started as an explainer, since long the Head of Development at the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia - Milano
Head of Global Engagement
United Kingdom
Started off his career as an arts educator on the floor of an art gallery. Currently Partnerships Development Manager, International Engagement Natural History Museum, London
Exhibit developer and curator
Passionate about communication science, I started my career as explainer at the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris. I am currently exhibitions project manager and curator at Universcience
Developement Director
As a Director for Development – taking care of fundraising for the Copernicus Science Centre, I have to meet a lot of people every day and talk about our Science Centre. I have been working as a member of science shows team and every two weeks I go to the exhibition as a member of the explainers crew.Talking to people and showing them exhibits help me to understand our mission better. Afterwards fundraising becomes just yet another explaining job!