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Exhibit the Future?

The Future, or at least the museum of the future is here. In what seems to be a megatrend, the exhibitions and institutions dealing with visions of tomorrow and developing their audiences future-proof competences pop-up around the world. How do they shape their strategy and what kind of outcomes they want to reach with their audiences? And how do they approach the unpredictable future through their concept, content and design?

Join a discussion with top management of Museum of the Future (Dubai), Das Zukunftmuseum of Deutsches Museum (Nurnberg) and Futurium (Berlin) and the creatives behind their exhibitions.  

This session is sponsored by ATELIER BRÜCKNER as a part of the 21st Century Skills Conference track.



Director Museum
Amsterdam & Leiden

Session speakers

Concept Director
Atelier Brückner GmbH
The Museum of the Future is not about products and policies. It is our prototype for a living, breathing example of a better future, based on collaboration with experts across a huge range of fields. The Museum of the Future is not just a building. It is the gateway to a new state of mind - one that is curious, encouraging, and optimistic. Sundar and I will introduce the vision of the Museum of the Future, in Dubai. We will debate and discuss the different aspects of the museum, from storytelling to operational "opportunities".
Head Exhibition and Collection
Founding Partner and Managing Director
Jussi Ängeslevä portrait
Creative Director
- When visitors are bestowed an active role in the story, not only as observers or performers of a predefined narrative, the engagement and impact of the museum experience is greatly enhanced. I will reflect on the ways we used different technologies in the design process of the Futurium, as well as visitor interactions in varying levels of fidelity, to support and elegantly weave to the overarching narrative. Instead of being educated, or asked to imagine, taking position in how do we want to design our future is at the center of the design approach for Futurium.
Gabriele Zipf Futurium
Head of Exhibitions at Futurium
Exhibiting the future seams quite contradictory. It means dealing with growing challenges, many uncertainties, dystopic imaginaries, unclear timespans, and a lack of “real” objects. At Futurium, we rose to this challenge with the aim to empower people to shape the future and to foster their futures literacy. I will focus on the solutions we came up with: presenting multiple futures; connecting the domains of nature, humans and technology; discussing possibilities and hopes; creating a fluid exhibition and combining many different sorts of exhibits.
Sundar Raman
Director of Technology
Museum of the Future
United Arab Emirates