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The diversity & inclusion clinic

Are you or your organisation experiencing challenges when it comes to diversity and inclusion? Are you aware that these are important systemic issues, yet are not sure where to start to dismantle unjust infrastructures to combat your institution’s symptoms? Or do you want to identify the root cause of being exclusive both in staff and visitor composition?

The clinic is returning to the conference for a second year! As this is a multidimensional illness, the Diversity & Inclusion clinic cannot promise a quick cure, but it is a secure environment where you can share your pain and support others so that we can identify and move towards healthier practice. The clinic will have departments for access, content, staff, partnerships and strategy and experienced members of our working group will be on hand to help!


Head of Education and Public Engagement

Session speakers

Executive Manager
Barbara will be part of the health team.
Head of Communications
Den Haag
Maarten will be part of the health team.
Amparo Leyman Pino
Yellow Cow Consulting
San Francisco
United States
Amparo will be part of the health team.
Shaaron Leverment, Deputy CEO at ASDC
Deputy CEO
The Association for Science and Discovery Centres
United Kingdom
Shaaron will be part of the health team.
Community Liaison Manager
David will be part of the health team.