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Co-design in science education activities

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Are you convinced about the benefits of co-design but too afraid to let go? We hear you!

That is why we are inviting educators from museums and non-formal learning spaces to safely explore co-design with us. Co-design can make science education equitable by paying special attention to actively involving education stakeholders, drawing from their expertise. We begin the workshop with a fishbowl discussion where practitioners and researchers share their experiences. There will be practical feedback on how to embrace, evolve and learn from co-design as well as a discussion over what is realistic, the biggest pitfalls and proof of co-design in action. Part two is a hands-on activity where you will be guided by skilled facilitators to co-design an educational activity wearing the hats of different stakeholders. We will define key themes and risk assessments for co-design in your institution.

A more detailed programme can be checked here.


Maria Zolotonosa

Session speakers

Aalto University
Eva Durall is an experienced facilitator in using participatory and co-design methods in the design of learning environments. At the workshop, she will share her experiences using co-design in “SySTEM 2020: Connecting science learning outside the classroom” project and she will introduce the toolkit of design principles and methodologies for supporting science learning in non-formal and informal settings.
Head of Research & Learning
Mairéad is the Education and Learning Manager at Science Gallery Dublin. She leads multiple international cooperation projects researching science learning outside the classroom - this includes Science Gallery Dublin’s role as coordinator of the SySTEM 2020 project. She will discuss the successes and challenges emerging from the multiple ways and levels in which Science Gallery Dublin embraces co-design - from large scale national educational projects to local community-based art installations, and also as a tool for organisational self-reflection and diversification of audiences.
Head of program and co-operations
Gène has worked for more than 35 years in the field of museums and science centres. One of his responsibilities is the programme and content development for living labs and the methodologies used in these labs. At the session he will focus on co-creation in relation to service design thinking, which are increasingly being used to plan and deliver innovative services (education) and will also share his experience in the SISCODE project. Co- creation and service design offers the opportunity to see from a different perspective the challenges involved in planning and developing educational programmes and how the participants perceive and experience it.
Carmen Fenollosa
Senior Project Manager
Carmen is a senior project manager at Ecsite where she works with EU funded projects in the field of education and science engagement. At the workshop, she will focus on the learning extracted from the action research carried out in the 10 co-creation labs of the SISCODE project. She will focus on the main outcomes and how these can feed the co-design of education activities.
Association TRACES is involved in the SySTEM 2020 SISCODE projects, and is currently exploring the specific features and risks of cross-pollinating science engagement activities and co-construction approaches.
Creative Producer
United Kingdom
We The Curious is transforming, creating a series of multidisciplinary exhibitions inspired by Bristol’s curious questions. As part of this Will Hunter is leading their new co-design approach ‘Make Space’. Bringing together independent artists, community representatives and internal exhibition design and content teams – to embed this process within the exhibition design journey and act as a catalyst to diversify the voices and people engaging with creative decision-making in the organisation.