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Escape room demonstration

Escape games are a popular cultural phenomenon and this phenomenon has not bypassed the Ecsite community and conference: in 2018 the Conference hosted a first Escape room demonstration. Whether you missed it last year or were lucky enough to make it to the oversubscribed session, join us and see how we've expanded our ideas.

New puzzles, new technology, new ideas! For this session, the GameLab space will turn into an escape room: a game in which participants are confined to a room and must solve puzzles to successfully escape within a certain time frame. The game will be made up of pieces of each of the speaker’s own escape game so you can see a range of puzzles and styles.

Suggestion: also attend the “Escape rooms and learning: evaluation results” panel at 12.00.


Kate Kneale
United Kingdom

Session speakers

Curriculum Developer and Project Manager
EdQuest UK
United Kingdom
Ran Peleg is an instructional designer who specializes in creating experiential learning environments. He has designed and built six scientific escape rooms in different setting (museums, science festivals, schools) and has given numerous workshops on how to design your own educational escape room.
Chemistry Teacher and Trainer
Katzir High School and Weizmann Institute of Science
Malka is an expert in bringing difficult chemistry knowledge to the general public in a fun and experiential way. Malka will discuss her experiences in creating a mobile escape unit called "Chemical escape" is an activity for high school students that brings the extremely popular genre of "escape rooms" into the chemistry classroom. In a project by the National Chemistry Teachers' Center at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, a mobile escape room was designed and built to suit secondary schools.
John Sear, Game Designer at Museum Games
Real-world Game Designer
Museum Games
United Kingdom
John is a real-world game designer who has previously worked in the games industry & academia. Now he designs & develops interactive experiences for public spaces e.g. festivals & museums. He is currently building an escape room for a UK castle, an escape room inspired theatrical experience (players on a live stakeout in a car ) & consulting on other escape room experiences worldwide.
Claudia is an expert in building informal outreach activities for a wide range of audiences ranging from children to the general public. Claudia designed several escape rooms for science festivals and summer camps.
yael bamberger
Experiential Learning Spaces Developer & Designer
EdQuest - Twist in Education
Yael is an expert in experiential learning in both formal and informal settings. She designs “new generation” learning spaces for schools, and educational scientific escape rooms for museums, using the exhibition as the theme of the escape room challenges. Yael will to talk about the museum as a platform for educational escape rooms, and how this option can help the museum be exposed to more audiences.