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Can you feel it? A science revival meeting

“Free your mind and the rest will follow” is the theme of this year’s Science Assembly. Inspired by religious revival meetings, we will offer you songs, laughter, inspiration, and meaning. As a theme we will focus on STEM learning ecosystems. Expect a full-blown choir, more drama, and a soul-searching workshop.

Standard elements of any holy assembly such as singing, reading, teaching and thinking in silence, will be interleaved with a reflective activity. Our convenor Sharon Ament has a role comparable to a pastor. She will start the session with an opening statement, and she will introduce the speakers and the songs the choir and congregation sing.


United Kingdom

Session speakers

Deputy Director
Together with Bronwyn, Marjolein will give an inspirational workshop.
University of Pittsburgh
United States
Kevin will give a reading based on a fragment from a book or article that inspires him concerning the topic of “learning ecosystems”. After this, he will balance between "fire and brimstone” and "heaven and light" in his interpretation of the reading.
Senior Research Scientist
University of Washington
Together with Marjolein, Bronwyn will give an inspirational workshop.
Creative choir leader
Cristin Dorgelo
President and Chief Executive Officer
Association of Science-Technology Centers
Washington, DC
United States
Cristin will react on the reading from Kevin and will point out unexpected perspectives.