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30 years of Ecsite: celebrate-reflect-act

As Ecsite and its conference turn 30, what can our professional community be proud of having achieved? What legacy can we build on and what boundaries do we need to stretch in order to address future challenges? When peers attending the 60th Ecsite Conference in 2049 look back on the past 30 years, what are we hoping they will see? What can we do now to turn our hopes into realities?

The #Ecsite30 anniversary motto is "'celebrate-reflect-act", and this is precisely what this participatory session is inviting you to do. No speeches and no seats: let our facilitators guide you through three “rounds” inspired by (gentle!) impro theatre, participatory dance and design thinking. Immerse yourself in the Ecsite community and help build a bridge between professional generations.

Can’t wait? In the meantime, read Ecsite President Herbert Münder's anniversary column and these five Spokes interviews with some of those who gave birth to Ecsite 30 years ago.


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Julie Becker, Ecsite
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