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Mariano Gago Ecsite Awards

The Mariano Gago Ecsite Awards encourage those people and organisations who demonstrate innovation, creativity and who through their work actively show how they are making an impact. They are a source of inspiration for others.


In 2019, Barbara Streicher (Executive Manager at Science Center Netzwerk, Vienna Austria) won the Beacon of the Year Award for personal embodiment of our network’s values. SciCo (Athens, Greece) won in the ‘Sustainable Success’ category for a STEM educational programme which brings together young students and educators from remote areas of Greece in order to work together out of school. And Universcience (Paris, France) got a special mention for taking a timely stance to counteract the spreading of misinformation, setting a brave example for the science engagement field.


In 2018, The Tycho Brahe Planetarium (Copenhagen, Denmark) won in the ‘Sustainable Success’ category for "Made in Space", an inclusive and engaging exhibition about astrophysics. And Exploratório – Ciência Viva Science Centre of Coimbra (Portugal) won in the ‘Smart and Simple’ category for "Astronomy for Babies", a fulldome movie for babies and their family. 


In 2017, Ecsite celebrated science engagement excellence with two prizes: the Smart and Simple Award went to TRACES – Espace des Sciences Pierre-Gilles De Gennes (France) and the Sustainable Success Award went to Dialogue Social Enterprise (Germany). NOESIS - Thessaloniki Science Center & Technology Museum (Greece) got a Special mention for courageous leadership


The 2016 Ecsite Strategic Partnership Award recognised extraordinary collaboration between an Ecsite member and an external partner whose work together enabled them to achieve goals neither of them could have reached by themselves alone. 

Winner: Tekniska museet, Stockholm (Sweden) for the partnership undertaken with artist Håkan Lidbo on the interactive exhibit “Make Music with Your Whole Body”. Highly Commended: International Centre for Life, Newcastle (United Kingdom) for their partnership built with the Northumbria University.


The 2015 Ecsite Creativity Award showcased creative solutions in science engagement and communication.

Winner: Norsk Teknisk Museum, Oslo (Norway) for TING, “a participatory, immersive exhibition experience for exploring the complex relationships between technology and democracy.”