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2017 Awards: "Smart and simple" & "Sustainable success"

Two categories were introduced in 2017.

The Smart and Simple Award celebrates simple, innovative and creative solutions in science engagement. It recognises the power of smart ideas that prompt a “I wish I had thought of that one!” reaction from other professionals – this is why nominations for this category were put forward by peers.

The Sustainable Success Award celebrates long-lasting impact: projects that embody the values of science engagement, that are visionary and socially relevant. For this category, organisations put their own applications in.


Winners were announced at the Opening event of the 2017 Ecsite Annual Conference (Porto, Portugal), where they received a trophy and diploma. Their project was featured at the Ecsite booth in the conference’s Business Bistro.

One senior manager from each winning organisation was invited to the 2017 Ecsite Directors Forum (4-6 October 2017, Paris, France) where they shared their experience in a workshop run for their peers. Ecsite covered registration, travel and accommodation costs.

Moreover, the winners saw their projects showcased on the Ecsite website and will be interviewed in Ecsite’s Spokes magazine. The winning organisations were able to use the provided version of the Mariano Gago Ecsite Awards logo.


Winner - ‘Smart and Simple’ category

TRACES – Espace des Sciences Pierre-Gilles De Gennes, Paris (France) won for the Frugal Science exhibition, a smart, cost-effective project that proposes a new take on both exhibition making and tinkering.


Winner - ‘Sustainable Success’ category

Dialogue Social Enterprise, Hamburg (Germany) won for its Dialogue in the Dark exhibition concept, a long-standing success story with remarkable reach and an original and robust business model, true to our field's values of inclusion and diversity. 


Special mention

NOESIS - Thessaloniki Science Center & Technology Museum (Greece) got a Special mention for courageous leadership for welcoming children from the refugee camps of Thessaloniki and their families and offering them a scientific, educational, cultural and social programme. 

The Jury