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Conference highlights – 5 June

2019 Ecsite Conference Copenhagen, Denmark 5 June 2019   © Ecsite / Experimentarium Photographers: Anders Bruun

#Ecsite2019 Highlights 5 June

Discover yesterday’s video summary, looking back on the second of two days of in-depth pre-conference workshops, with seven parallel sessions.

Participants investigated computational tinkering activities, developed tools for space science communication, and devised strategies for organisational change on diversity, equity and inclusion. They discussed how to engage audiences with big global issues and how to address misinformation, prototyped games and gained insights into the evaluation of learning activities.

At the end of the day, speakers and convenors were invited to attend the Speakers Reception at Øregård Gymnasium. In the serene white marble hall of this high school, they received a warm welcome from Pia Nyring, Rector of the Øregård Gymnasium and elected member of the Municipal Council of the City of Gentofte; Kim Gladstone Herlev, Executive Director of Experimentarium; Frida Frost, Chairperson of the Board of Experimentarium and Herbert Münder, President of Ecsite and General Manager, Universum Bremen .

Today is the first day of the three main conference days. Expected highlights: the Opening ceremony; the announcement of the 2019 Mariano Gago Ecsite Awards winners; the opening of the Business Bistro; 40+ parallel sessions; several local tours; and an unusual Gala Dinner & Show at the Wallmans Circus, a landmark of Copenhagen cultural life.

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