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This is what Hiša worked on last month

Dr. Miha Kos, Director
Hiša eksperimentov
Ljubljana, Slovenia

The ventilator prototype by Hiša eksperimentov
Part of the R&D team of HišaClose up

In the time of COVID-19 striking on us Hiša eksperimentov is, as expected, closed for the public.

Our R & D team decided that we should contribute our knowledge in this fight against the virus.

The result is the ventilator working in two modes:

  • continous (where the ventilator becomes the lungs of the patient)
  • supporting (where the machine is helping and easying the patient's breathing)

Few days ago we tested the ventilator on a puppet simulator in our national clinical centre (hospital).

It is not yet the final version but it works pretty well and promising.
Now we are starting to work on the version 2.0.


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6 April 2020