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Dr Miha Kos, director

Hiša eksperimentov

(The House of Experiments)

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Running exhibits remotely through www or mobile app

Almost 13 years ago the idea to put some of our exhibits online was born in Hiša eksperimentov. The goal was to have Hiša’s doors open even if the physical ones were closed.

Visitors can interact and take control of the exhibits through www or our phone app. Only one person can interact with one exhibit at a time while others wait in line.

The activity was officially launched in 2009 when the EU commissioner Dr Janez Potočnik started the very first online exhibit in Hiša from his office in Brussels.

In time several other exhibits also become web-accessible.

At that time no one expected that we would face a period of time when these exhibits will become one of our top activities. Due to the Corona virus, this has become a reality.

We would like to invite all of you to experience our online approach at http://www.e-museum.eu/ .

If you like our approach we would like to invite you to join our idea of CREATING AN INTERACTIVE WORLD SCIENCE CENTRE where each partner would equip some of its own exhibits with online controls and a webcam.

If you are interested, contact us through mail: info@he.si .


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