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Synenergene: The Future of Human Being

Science Centre AHHAA Foundation
Science Centre AHHAA FoundationScience Centre AHHAA Foundation

On 18th to 20th February, around 70 students aged 16-19 will come together and debate over the topic of “The Future of Human Being” in Tartu. The event is a part of the EU funded project Synenergene and European Student Parliament sessions project.

Tartu might be one of the best places in which to start such a project since it considered a cultural and scientific hub of the country and is a birthplace to many important inventions in technology and biology. It is also a city of youth, always bustling with new ideas and filled with cheer.

We are especially excited about the topics, because a brand new centre of synthetic biology will soon be opened in Tartu – and several of their researchers have already agreed to be experts at the parliament! We are also glad to have the team of Intelligent Materials and Systems Laboratory, Uni. Tartu, on board. Their expertise ranges from module homes suitable for colonising Mars, to artificial muscles that could charge the cell phone in your pocket!

To make the parliament sessions even more exclusive – and also, more lifelike – we’re going to have the final hearing at night. It is quite common for the hearings of the real Estonian Parliament to last until the early hours of the morning. So, before heading for the big politics, we’d like to give our young MP’s an insight to the “real life” of parliament politicians!

Annika Vesselov, Kai Kaljumäe
Science Centre AHHAA Foundation
Tartu, Estonia

More information: www.synenergene.eu


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