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2014 - Science Centre AHHAA’s Most Successful Year Ever!

For Science Centre AHHAA in Tartu, Estonia, 2014 was a great success in many ways. First off, our annual number of visitors reached almost 220 000 (surpassing the 2013 total of 190 000). Combined with the events that took place outside AHHAA, both in Estonia and abroad, over 320 000 people took part in our activities last year. It is also worth noting that half of AHHAA’s visitors come from abroad – mostly from the neighboring states Latvia and Russia. Additionally, AHHAA was voted the number one attraction in Tartu by the users of TripAdvisor and was awarded with the Certificate of Excellence. AHHAA was also named the best tourism object in South Estonia and our work in science communication was rewarded as well: Researchers’ Night festival, the biggest science event in Estonia (also coordinated by AHHAA) was named the best science popularisation event of the year!

We’re already working hard to make 2015 even better: we’re getting ready for our new exhibition „Aha, Top Secret!“ (set to open in April) and preparing for the 10th Researchers’ Night Festival in September. Meanwhile, we invite everyone to visit us and have fun with science!


AHHAA Science Centre Foundation

AHHAA was established as a special project of the Department of Research and Institutional Development of the University of Tartu (founded in 1632). AHHAA started its activities with a laser show in front of Tartu Observatory on September 1, 1997, and has had a strong and stable development ever since. The purpose of AHHAA is to introduce science to everyone. Using interactive and entertaining methods and the scientific excellence of 370-year old Tartu University, we try to overcome fear and prejudice towards learning.