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STEAM camp - a way to integrate teenagers to a new community during war

When facing challenges of war youth center for science popularization and STEAM education Lviv Open Lab came up with an idea of STEAM camp for youth.

There are a lot of internally displaced people at the moment in Lviv - a city in the Western part of Ukraine where people are coming from regions suffering from war in search for a shelter. One third of those people are teenagers and youth, so there is a strong need to integrate those people into the local community. This is where STEAM camp in Lviv Open Lab takes action.

The STEAM camp is a project that introduces 14-16-year-olds to STEAM and opens up new opportunities in choosing a career and professional development.

The camp is 6 days of training for participants - local children and internally displaced Ukrainians. The main goal of the project is to create conditions for choosing a profession without stereotypes.

This project is designed to promote the social integration of children and young people who have moved into the local community, as well as to create conditions for high-quality education and leisure.

In addition to powerful networking, the classes cover programming, 3D modeling, chemistry, biotechnology, as well as soft skills: there are activities about entrepreneurship, mental health and gender equality.

The STEAM camp is implemented by Lviv Open Lab and the UN Population Fund in Ukraine, UNFPA with the support of Sweden within the framework of the "Springboard to Equality" project, which is aimed at changing social norms and fighting gender stereotypes in education, at work, at home, and in community life and the creation of a favorable environment, as well as the growth of public demand for the promotion of equal rights and opportunities for women and men in Ukraine.


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Lviv Open Lab

Lviv Open Lab is a municipal space for science popularization and STEAM education among youth based in Lviv, Ukraine.

Lviv Open Lab is a part of youth spaces network TVORY! (which means CREATE! in Ukrainian). There are four laboratories specializing in techno, chemistry, cyber and biotechnology fields designed in a way for youth to come and be free to experiment and discover new things.