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Lviv Open Lab

Lviv Open Lab is a municipal space for science popularization and STEAM education among youth based in Lviv, Ukraine.

Lviv Open Lab is a part of youth spaces network TVORY! (which means CREATE! in Ukrainian). There are four laboratories specializing in techno, chemistry, cyber and biotechnology fields designed in a way for youth to come and be free to experiment and discover new things.

Youth space also hosts a woodworking workshop which is a branch of social entrepreneurship called “Sverlyk”. Teenagers and youth can be involved in such maker’s activities while boosting their creativity and interest in the world around them.

There is also a lectorium space for different events to be conducted by local initiatives and a spacious coworking space for working together with like-minded people.

Lviv Open Lab team also works on various educational and integrative projects to boost interest in science among youth and improve informal education in Lviv. These projects focus on gender sensitive topics and equal opportunities for everyone to pursue scientific activities and get access to education.