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Royal Alberta Museum - interactive exhibits

In February 2017 we were entrusted to design, develop and fabricate hands-on exhibits for the Children‘s Gallery and the Natural History Hall at the new Royal Alberta Museum (RAM). Since reopening on October 3, 2018, the new Royal Alberta Museum is now the largest museum in Western Canada at 39,000 sqm, with 7,000 sqm of exhibition space.

The Children‘s Gallery celebrates the importance of play and bringing learning alive. Children can engage in free play, self-discovery, and authentic exploration with real objects, tools, and materials. This welcoming space is accessible and engaging for children of all interests and abilities. At 650 sqm the Children’s Gallery is a unique space full of sensory activities using natural materials, and objects from our collection with interesting textures, moveable parts, and opportunities to interact with exhibit components at every turn.
Natural History celebrates the landscapes around us, from the rocks beneath our feet, to the fossils that record ancient life, to the many animals and plants that make their home in Alberta today.

The interactives Wind Table, Rifting and Freeze Tolerance are Hüttinger made.

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