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Online exhibition TRAVEL STONES


An online exhibition to take part in

Are you also gripped by the desire to travel and the longing to go out into the world?

From the end of the world or from your front garden: The exhibition TRAVEL STONES by focusTerra, ETH Zurich is a virtual collection of your favourite stones or fossils from anywhere in the world and the story you associate with them.

Participate and invite your friends and family to fill the exhibition and make it truly global:


See an example:



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focusTerra, ETH Zurich

focusTerra, the Earth Science Research and Information Centre of ETH Zurich, provides education and empowerment of people to understand their natural and manmade environment better and to act responsibly within. Our focus lies on promoting the understanding, discovery, and enjoyment of Earth and Planetary Sciences within a societal context. We share our knowledge of the origin, history, and dynamics of planets and inform our visitors about the role and relevance of Earth's natural resources in daily life.

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