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Expedition Solar System

Expedition solar system
Expedition solar system

Expedition Solar System is a temporary exhibition at focusTerra in Zurich, Switzerland, that is currently on display from 28 March 2019 until 16 June 2019. The exhibition takes visitors on a journey through space to visit the Moon, Mars and Venus, exploring the exciting stories based on the scientific research conducted by the scientists at ETH Zurich.

focusTerra teamed up with these scientists to develop the exhibition around their research, giving visitors an inside view of their research of the solar system, their motivation, and how they are able to look deep into space of planets millions of kilometres away. In this exhibition, the scientists become the ‘heroes’ of their own research stories that highlight their work and get to the heart of what each person’s ‘big question’. The stories are presented in the form of graphic novels combining art and science – and provide a fun journey for experts and non-experts alike into the scientific world of our planetary environment.

In addition to the exhibition there are also experiments, animations, an augmented reality scavenger hunt for a little Martian, workshops and public talks. Expedition Solar System will also be a touring exhibition and will become available in October 2019.

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focusTerra, ETH Zurich

focusTerra, the Earth Science Research and Information Centre of ETH Zurich, provides education and empowerment of people to understand their natural and manmade environment better and to act responsibly within. Our focus lies on promoting the understanding, discovery, and enjoyment of Earth and Planetary Sciences within a societal context. We share our knowledge of the origin, history, and dynamics of planets and inform our visitors about the role and relevance of Earth's natural resources in daily life.

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