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Nils Hornstrup, A passionate and sharp science communicator has passed away

Nils Hornstrup, Senior Science Consultant and former Deputy Director of Experimentarium has passed away on May 17th 2016 following a very brief illness.

Music and science were key elements in Nils Hornstrup’s life. Nils was involved in plans to create a Danish science center in the 1980s and he participated in the preparation of the feasibility study, which lead to the establishment of Experimentarium. Nils has worked at Experimentarium for more than 30 years, where he was a key figure as inspiratory and motivator. With his curly brain and great ideas for new exhibits he has contributed to the success of Experimentarium as Vice Director and later as Senior Consultant.

Nils had a fantastic ability to analyse and spot new opportunities for developing exciting, interactive exhibits, and he was always part of the process from the very first ideas to the final exhibit. Along with talented colleagues Nils was behind a series of exhibitions, all of which focused on the beauty and fascinating complexity that characterizes the scientific universe.

Nils was known far beyond the borders of Denmark for his imagination and whimsical inventions, which were exported to science centres and museums worldwide. Nils received the great honour to be appointed honorary member of the Nordic Science Center Association (NSCF).

Nils was a great person, a particularly inspiring and competent science communicator with a big heart who will be dearly missed by all former and present colleagues at Experimentarium.

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