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New Experimentarium open to the public

The new Experimentarium's iconic copper helix staircase. Picture: Adam Mørk
The new Experimentarium in Hellerup near Copenhagen, January 2017. Photo Adam MørkThe new Experimentarium's iconic copper helix staircaseExhibit at the new ExperimentariumOpening of the new Experimentarium

Indvielsen af det nye Experimentarium på 2 minutter

Experimentarium, Denmark’s brand new Science Center, opened its doors on 26th January. 2017 Its new building offers 11,500 sqm of exhibitions in a new and spectacular architecture only 15 minutes north of Copenhagen City Centre.

Exhibitions are spread across several floors, bursting with experiences for all ages. The exhibitions include the world’s first interactive cinema equipped with motion sensors, where everyone in the auditorium has to cooperate, an enormous roof terrace for open-air activities and 16 challenging and interactive exhibits that explore everything from the human body to the fascinating and fun science of soap bubbles.

Experimentarium is a new version of the original Experimentarium, which opened in 1991 and has thrilled more than 8,2 million visitors through the years. “We look forward to inviting families from all over the world inside the new Experimentarium for some truly phenomenal and science-rich experiences,” declared Experimentarium CEO, Kim Gladstone Herlev.

Experimentarium will be hosting the 2019 Ecsite Annual Conference. The whole event, including the conference's three days of sessions, will be hosted in the science centre. You can look forward to a special edition!


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Experimentarium is a science centre for all of Denmark. Since 1991, we have explored the world of science and technology together with millions of curious children and adults in Hellerup, north of Copenhagen. Experimentarium is a non-profit foundation with the aim to stimulate people’s interest in science and technology and to increase their awareness of methods and results within science and technology.