Launching work for the preparation of the World Biotech Tour stop in Milan

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Teachers&Mentors working together on biotech experiments

Some months ago Milan was selected by ASTC to be one of the 2016 stops for the World Biotech Tour.

We will host the festival in September/October 2016, but we are now starting to work with our high school biotech ambas.sadors and their research mentors.

Here is a list of those who will be involved:

Massimo Galbiati works at the Università Statale of Milan and he works on plants, genomes, etc with the idea of thinking about how we can save water when we cultivate and produce our food.
Francesca Mapelli and Sara Borin work at the same university, but in a different department, focusing on bioremediation and how to employ microorganisms in the detoxification of the environment.
Paola Branduardi and Stefano Bertacchi are both involved in a Start up called Galatea Biotech, which deals with industrial biotechnologies and the big picture of how we could produce goods using something alternative to oil.
Federico Bacciagaluppi works as IT manager at Biogen Italia and he will propose the theme of wearable technologies for health.
Gianluigi Condorelli and Elisa Di Pasquale both work at the Humanitas research centre were they study cells connected to cardiovascular diseases.

Seriously... biotechnologies are everywhere!

Laura will tutor a class at the Liceo classico San Raffaele in Milan
Claudio will tutor a class at the Liceo scientifico "Giulio Casiraghi" in Cinisello Balsamo
Veronica will tutor an evening class at the liceo delle scienze umane "Veronica Gambara" in Brescia
Cristina will tutor a class at the ITCS "Primo Levi" in Bollate
Alessandra and Lucia Adele will tutor a class at the ITS "Facchinetti" in Castellanza


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