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Job Vacancy at CERN: Science Writer

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CERN is offering an open job position for a Science Writer in their International Relations (IR) Sector, Education, Communication & Outreach (ECO) Group.

For five years this person will play a key role in CERN's print and digital publications, showcasing developments in the particle physics community in the media and to the general public.

Functions include writing and editing content for communication projects, liaising with the CERN and particle physics community and advising international contributors on the readability and scientific accuracy of content.

Applicants must have a Postgraduate degree in the field of particle physics, ideally a PhD or equivalent, and should also have experience working as a particle physicist in a national or international laboratory and in written science communication.

If you're a skilled Science Writer and the idea of producing and distributing information for the largest particle physics research lab in the world attracts you, apply as soon as possible. Applications should be submitted no later than 17 May 2017. Learn more here.


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