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Job: Head of Media Relations

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CERN is looking for a new Head of Media Relations. Applicants should have a strategic vision, demonstrated experience in managing a press office in the current media environment, including experience in crisis communication. Fluency in French is a strong requirement.

Apply by 2 October.


  • As Head of Media Relations, you will act as CERN's first point of call for local, national and international media and lead on CERN's media relations strategy throughout the Organisation's Member and Associate Member States and beyond. You will:
  • Manage the press and media relations team, which has the first-line responsibility for handling incoming media requests and for organising media visits on site and implements media events.
  • Act as CERN's main media spokesperson.
  • Manage the Crisis Communication Group in the event of crisis, in close coordination with the Head of ECO.
  • Develop, write and/or approve messaging of press releases/news updates, taking points and media statements backed by web, visual and film resources.
  • Identify and position CERN leadership and researchers as subject matter experts for the media.
  • Develop and maintain a network of personal relations with leading media representatives across traditional and online media channels, both in science and general media worldwide.
  • Oversee, evaluate and coordinate the organisation of programs, appointments and interviews for the media teams that visit CERN each year.
  • Organise media briefings and press conferences.
  • Inform CERN Management of CERN coverage in the worldwide media, relevant to CERN reputation and interests.
  • Maintain an information-gathering network based on reliable and extended in-house contacts.
  • Coordinate media training for CERN Management and key leaders in the Organisation.
  • Participate in the meetings and ad-hoc committees where public events and ceremonies are prepared

More information on the required qualifications and experience here.


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