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Houston, there's a new toolkit ready for deployment...

For the past two years the EU project, spaceEU, has been implementing an exciting space outreach and education programme to spark the interest of young people in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths). This work has been run in 10 locations across Europe and with the experience and knowledge obtained here, spaceEU has built and just released the Engage with Space Toolkit.

This toolkit is a ready-to-use digital collection of space centred activities with a specific focus on girls and underserved communities. The Toolkit is composed of the Step into Space Exhibition and a set of Educational and Outreach activities. These activities encourage and help schools, youth centres, museums, universities, NGOs, and informal learning spaces to bring together students, families, space professionals, their communities, and more to engage them with the wonders of space.

Within the toolkit a full breakdown of the activities and the exhibition are available to you - graphic templates, a detailed Exhibition handbook about how to build the exhibition and architectural design guidelines that allow you to adjust the exhibition to your needs. The Engage with Space Toolkit is designed as an open-source model, with all of its contents and designs available under a Creative Commons licence. Under this license, you are able to use the materials in any medium or format, even commercially, providing that you give appropriate credit. So we encourage you to take advantage of the materials offered here, invite and collaborate with local artists who can contribute to the exhibition, and localise the activities adding your own local context to the activities and exhibition.

It is time to step into space with spaceEU.


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