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Eyes on the Horizon - Update from the President - January 2024

First and foremost, I would like to wish you all the best for a very Happy 2024, to you, your teams and your families. The increases our members have seen in attendance throughout 2023 has been a source of encouragement, reflecting a growing engagement and interest in our initiatives. However, our optimism is tempered by the prevailing concern over the widespread funding challenges and global conflicts. As we navigate this, we remain committed to finding innovative solutions and advocating for the field.

Let us join together in a commitment to cultivate peace, understanding, and compassion among all nations and peoples. Together, we strive for a world where conflicts are resolved through dialogue, where diversity is celebrated, and the inherent dignity of every individual is acknowledged. In times of adversity, the strength of solidarity in our network becomes evident as individuals seamlessly weave together, transcending boundaries and empowering collective action for positive change.

As I mentioned in my December message, we have some important news for you for 2024 regarding the European Elections and a new initiative for Ukraine.

With the European elections taking place this year, we would like to remind the parliamentarians of the importance of science engagement in and for our societies. As a network we can bridge the gap between European and National governments for mutual gain in strategy and policy. You will receive an email in the coming weeks from the Ecsite team inviting your feedback on what’s important for you and your organisations and I ask you to reply, so we can include a consolidated member view.

And finally, on to our new initiative for Ukraine. Since the start of the war, Ecsite has supported her Ukrainian members and we are pleased to announce we have a programme supported by the Simons Foundation to further our work in training and exhibition support for the science engagement field in Ukraine. Please keep an eye out for further announcements.

I would like to encourage you to share your organisation’s news with us by adding communications@ecsite.eu to your press distribution lists. We can all learn so much from each other and we would love to share your news in the newsletters.

Best wishes for 2024

Bruno Maquart



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