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Hong Kong Science Museum - Biodiversity gallery

In October 2012 we were awarded the contract to conceptualize, design and build the new permanent Biodiversity exhibition at the Hong Kong Science Museum.
By staging of this gallery, Hong Kong Science Museum wants to promote public appreciation of biodiversity and raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity conservation, and moreover wants to trigger proper lifestyle changes in the effort to avoid a massive loss of biodiversity. The Biodiversity gallery was officially opened to the public on September 2, 2016.

On a floor space of 500 sqm Biodiversity mimics diverse natural environments and habitats, designed to provide an immersive experience. Visitors are enabled to explore nature in a visual, tactile and intellectual manner through interactive exhibits, dioramas and specimens distributed in four areas:

Local Biodiversity introduces the vibrant nature of Hong Kong from the aspects of a terrestrial, marine, estuary, stream and an aerial point of view.

Variety in the World presents a huge variety of the world’s life forms, from grassland to jungle and the depth of the ocean.

Changes through Time belongs to the genesis of life from simple cells to the appearance of complex life forms such as Homo sapiens, Earth’s history and the life sciences.

At the centre of Biodiversity is the research station called Nature Lab. At this place visitors act as scientists, experience hands-on scientific research and learn experimental techniques such as microscopy.