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Glasgow Science Centre - Explore!

Evaluation session #25 - Glasgow Science Centre, Explore!

In May 2020 we were contracted to design and build 27 interactive exhibits for Explore! the centre‘s new exhibition on approx. 540 m² of their first floor. Explore! places visitors at the heart of the experience, using a design and interpretation philosophy that promotes the centre’s approach to accessible science communication. The exhibition celebrates the wonder and beauty of science around us. It uses exemplar phenomena-based exhibits to develop the scientist in all of us Explorers, Facilitators and Experience Seekers. Glasgow Science Centre was reopened to the public end of June 2021.

We feel very honoured to have been part of this project. Floor one of the centre was the first exhibition ever developed by Hüttinger 20 years earlier; some of these exhibits are still in use today - though they got a little touch-up now.

all pictures © Stuart Wallace for Glasgow Science Centre