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Feu at Universcience, Paris, France

At Universcience, Paris, France. An exhibition that masters the power of fire. 

The exhibition Feu explores how humans have tried to control fire through time. This theme was chosen following a fire that took place in 2015 at the Cite des sciences et de l’Industrie. It was developed in partnership with Paris fire brigade.

Aimed at children aged 9 and above, it is a mix of AV installation, objects, digital and interactive exhibits. The exhibition starts with the theme of how man mastered fire through history from the first known use of fire until today, delves further in our scientific knowledge of fire as well as its industrial use and ends on how firemen can control the blaze and what to do when facing its wrath.

Feu is open until 6 January 2019. More info here.



Universcience is one of the most popular cultural institution in Paris and one of the major science centre in Europe, with more than two million visitors per year. Universcience bring together two cultural venues and an online media: the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, the Palais de la découverte and leblob.fr