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Explore the cutting edge European research funded by the European Research Council

Event hosted by Universcience-Cité des science et de l’industrie

Our cities and urban areas are faced with many issues and challenges which are going to be exacerbated by accelerating climate change, resource depletion, pollution and many other factors. While the issues often seem overwhelming, science and innovation progress at a breakneck pace and solutions can soon become available to us.

The European Research Council (ERC) is the first pan-European funding body supporting the best frontier research in Europe. With an annual budget of over € 13 billion it aims to contribute to Europe’s scientific excellence by supporting the very best scientists and their ambitious research projects in any field.

On March 17-18, you had the unique opportunity to explore the ERC-funded research related to the current urban issues and scientific responses to them. The spotlight focused on the smart cities, ICT, urban modelling, noise exposure, and much more. Hosted by Universcience-Cité des science et de l’industrie, the event featured a number of experiments and hands-on workshops dedicated to the future of Paris, city modelling, urban gardening and more.

The event is part of the ERC-funded communications campaign ERC = Science2.

To find out more about the project : http://www.sciencesquared.eu/events/city-future

The Team

Ecsite Coordinator: Tomas REHACEK

Universcience: Pierre RICONO and Sofia ADJAS



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