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esplora® Interactive Science Centre, Malta

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In August 2014 we were entrusted with the concept, development, design and build of initial exhibitry for esplora® - Malta‘s first interactive science centre. The five exhibition zones Illusion, Music, Engineering, Telecommunication and Nature of Matter were conceptually designed and filled with more than fifty interactive exhibits and experiences, accompanied by a Music Corridor and a large Media Studio.

esplora®, Malta’s Interactive Science Centre is an informal educational and recreation facility suited to visitors of all age groups. It is located at Villa Bighi in Kalkara overlooking the Grand Harbour. The building was formerly used as a hospital by the Royal Navy. It consists of a number of buildings and outdoor spaces, all interconnected following an extensive restoration and development process.
The primary aim is for visitors to experience science as being fun, exciting, and enjoyable. Visitors to the open area of esplora® are able to engage with science through hands-on interaction amongst other activities. Science is projected as being easy to understand and entertaining through a range of workshops, science shows and debates.
Visitors are encouraged throughout the elaborate design of the spaces to see the relevance and the presence of science in their everyday lives. esplora® offers all the opportunity to discover and understand science at their own pace through a series of hands-on experiences and phenomena-related exhibits. In this way, esplora® communicates the importance of the scientific processes: consisting of questioning, predicting, experimenting, analyzing and making conclusions. Features within esplora® include a Planetarium, an Outdoor Adventure Experience, an Activity Centre as well as interactive exhibition halls addressing to every age and interest.
esplora® Interactive Science Centre was opened to the public on October 28, 2016.