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Альметрика - Almetrika Interactive Centre

Conceptual Design: Альметрика Интерактивный центр - Almetrika Science Centre

In August 2019 we were contracted to conceptually design, develop and fabricate the interactive gallery for Альметрика Интерактивный центр - Almetrika Interactive Centre. Almetrika invites to fascinating scientific and educational tours. One can not only watch and listen, but also perform experiments and experiences by oneself at the interactive equipment. 55 state-of-the-art exhibits help to visualise complex physical concepts such as time, mass, length, electricity, light, temperature, matter and energy. The centre is the first and to date only educational and scientific centre in the Republic of Tatarstan. Its concept is based on innovative approaches to studying natural sciences. Almetrica is not just an exhibition, it is a professional guide, who is ready to pass on scientific knowledge and to introduce to the world of fascinating science. Almetrika Science Centre was officially opened to the public end of December 2020.

in cooperation with Exponi

Almetrika gallery on Youtube: https://youtu.be/tnpkJC_WVEQ