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Sciencetival - Science Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Sciencetival is an international four days’ Science Festival on the bridges, squares and streets of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It also partly takes place inside the Slovenian Science Centre – Hisa eksperimentov (The House of Experiments) which is also the organiser of the Sciencetival. The target group are all the curious ones – those who are not afraid to admit that they don’t know everything and are willing to learn new facts. First of all, we started the Sciencetival because we enjoy our work, but also because we are sure you will enjoy the Sciencetival as well. The Sciencetival is woven out of four threads: Science Adventures, Science Workshops, Lectures and Spectacle. We are happy that also this year our friends from USA, UK, Israel, Denmark, France and Poland are taking part beside our Science Showmens performing Gasology, Soundology, Colorology, Lightology, Bubbleology, Eggology etc.

Read more about it at: www.sciencetival.si. And even better: COME TO LJUBLJANA AND ENJOY!


  • Workshop
  • Spectacle
  • Science Show
  • Science Festival
  • Lecture
  • Adventure




The Pilots project worked towards the professionalisation of the role of explainers in science centres and museums both through developing European training courses and through research on the role of explainers, with a focus on adult learning.

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