Futuro Remoto 2011. From November 11th at Città della Scienza, Naples

Futuro Remoto 2011: “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”. From November 11th at Città della Scienza! Futuro Remoto is the Annual multimedia event in Naples visited by more than 60.000 visitors every year. This year it offers an adventure through the history of mankind. Catastrophic volcanic eruptions and devastating earthquakes are an opportunity to trip to the “depth” of the Earth, to investigate the origins of its “turbulence” and to meet the amazing creatures that have inhabited our planet in the past. Starting from the glorious past Futuro Remoto focuses on the future as well. It aims at discover how man can now face volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and how the risk itself can also represent an opportunity for growth, be it technological, economic and cultural!

The event will be inaugurated the 11th evening by Vittorio Silvestrini, President of Città della Scienza; Luigi de Magistris, Mayor of Naples, Guido Trombetti, delegate to Research at the Regional Government with a keynote speech of Antonio Ereditato, director of the Laboratory for High Energy Physics and Albert Einstein Centre for Fundamental Physics at the University of Bern on the latest research results on the neutrinos.